On mechanical teaching


A great article by a teacher in North Carolina who realised how important it is to create materials for his own students rather than use ready-made one-size-fits-all handouts and videos from the Internet. I was able to read the whole article through a blog subscription, but I’m not sure it’s possible now. Still, here it is.

In short, the author says that by using materials created by others  he allowed “technology to replace too much of my own labor and with it to replace the soul of my teaching.” I find myself agreeing with him more and more: there’s so much available online and in published sources, and yet it never fits my goals perfectly. And yet, ready-made materials save you loads of time and can be quite useful. Where are you on this cline?


2 thoughts on “On mechanical teaching

  1. Great article, Katherine. The link works just fine. I find myself generally unable to use other people’s materials, but I know the demand for worksheets among teachers is very high. I go with preparing as little as possible materials but for each class individually. I find it hard to recycle even year-on-year – each class is so different!

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