Active learning, messy and marvellous


Cathy N.Davidson tells a story: a student who was teaching classmates in her lesson asked everyone to write down a sentence from home reading which had particularly moved them. When the sentences were shared, it turned out (perhaps not surprisingly) that all 25 students chose different sentences.

Why is it important? It’s just one more example of how we all learn differently and that if we want our learners to succeed they need to manage their own learning. The author of the article evidently speaks from her own experience and shares very useful and practical advice.

Yes, students can be as afraid of active learning as teachers: they want us to control them, and we do not feel comfortable relinquishing control. It can be messy, especially if we don’t support the students enough in organising it. Yet active learning is probably the future – what do you think?


One thought on “Active learning, messy and marvellous

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