Alan November at Teacher Skills Forum in Jordan


Now that I’m back, I have a bit of time to sort through my conference notes. Even a week later, Alan November’s presentation stands out: the speaker’s skills were excellent, his ideas were emphasised with unusual pictures and not a small sense of humour (would you use the picture of a Japanese hi-tech loo to illustrate technological progress?).

Here are a few points that I found important:
1) modern tech gives us access to more information, but information is NOT knowledge
2) as teachers, we should give students more challenging assignments (to make use of all this available information)
3) we should teach them to anticipate failure and have more resilience (not just give them grades, which can demotivate)
4) we should show students how to search the web correctly and use reliable sources, as well as how to evaluate information

So, good teaching is still very much in demand!

He also mentioned the Curse of Knowledge: when professors know so much that they cannot understand students’ difficulties. Using stories, he added, is the best way to teach, and this is how students teach each others and how we should teach them.

If you’d like to learn more, these two articles on Alan November’s website nicely complement his presentation:
Crafting a Vision for Empowered Learning and Teaching: Beyond the $1,000 Pencil

How Making Thinking Visible Helps Teachers and Students

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